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In a remarkable display of compassion and medical expertise, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) partnered with the Islamic University in Uganda (IUIU) to organize a week-long medical surgical camp in Yumbe, West Nile, Uganda. The camp has had a profound impact on the local community, providing free medical services and hope to over 2,000 patients, primarily focusing on the diagnosis and treatment of hernias. 

Hernias, where a portion of the intestines protrudes through weakened abdominal muscles, can be a painful and debilitating condition. Often, individuals in underprivileged areas like Yumbe lack access to the specialized care required for hernia surgeries. However, this collaborative effort has eased their suffering and provided a glimmer of hope. 

Yumbe Regional Hospital and Yumbe Health IV Centre served as the primary locations for this life-changing initiative. Health workers on-site reported that patients flocked to the facilities from various regions, including Yumbe, Moyo, Koboko, Maracha, Madi-Okollo, Arua, South Sudan, and even from the refugee communities in the area. 

Doctors performing an operation

Dr. Odongo Patrick Olwedo, the District Health Officer in Yumbe, acknowledged the pressing need for such interventions. He emphasized the difficulty faced by local health facilities due to a scarcity of specialists capable of performing hernia surgeries.

Dr. Odongo expressed gratitude for the medical camps, describing them as "temporary measures" to address the backlog of untreated surgical conditions, which have burdened the community. 

He further emphasized the potential for greater impact, stating, "If we could have such camps regularly at the facility, we could save many patients." 

Hon Huda Oleru Abason, Member of Parliament for Aringa East and State Minister for Defense, expressed profound gratitude to the OIC and IUIU for extending their healing hands to the district. She highlighted the importance of this initiative, as many locals struggle to afford the medical bills associated with surgeries like hernia repair. 

Minister Huda Oleru Abason, Member of Parliament for Aringa East and State Minister for Defense

Minister Huda Oleru also urged the Muslim community to consider extending the duration of these camps, as the overwhelming response from patients demonstrated a dire need for extended medical services in the region. 

The Yumbe medical surgical camp serves as a shining example of humanitarian efforts and international collaboration, providing life-changing medical care to those who need it most. Through their dedication and expertise, the OIC, IUIU, and their partners have made a profound difference in the lives of thousands in this underserved community, offering them a chance at a healthier and more hopeful future.

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