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Battle Over Transfer of Arua Central Division's Town Clerk: A Fight Against Corruption

In a surprising turn of events, Arua Central Division Council has vehemently rejected the transfer of their highly-acclaimed Town Clerk, Mr. Maliki Drakuma, to Lira East Division. 

This move, orchestrated by the Ministry of Local Government, has stirred up controversy and accusations of corruption within the ranks of city officials.

The Ministry of Local Government issued a transfer letter to Maliki Drakuma on August 25, 2023, instructing him to leave his post in Arua Central Division and relocate to Lira East Division. This decision, however, did not sit well with the Arua Central Division Council, leading them to take the matter up with the Ministry's main office in Kampala, seeking Drakuma's retention in Arua.Mr. Hamid Harab Salim, the Secretary for Finance Planning and Administration, who also oversees work and technical services in the division, voiced strong support for Drakuma's continued tenure.He attributed the council's impressive achievement of collecting 42 million Ugandan shillings in a single month, a stark contrast to their previous monthly collection of 6 million shillings, to Drakuma's relentless efforts and dedication to combating corruption in the city.In response, Division Mayor Muzaid Khemis pointed the finger at Arua City Council, suggesting that the transfer was orchestrated by certain city officials with ulterior motives to conceal their own corruption. This accusation raised eyebrows and added another layer of complexity to the controversy.However, Geoffrey Anguyo, a key figure in the city council, denied any involvement in pushing for Drakuma's transfer. He emphasized that it is not within their jurisdiction to dictate the transfers of civil servants, further complicating the narrative.Maliki Drakuma was appointed as the Town Clerk for Arua Central Division by the Ministry of Local Government in March 2023. Upon assuming office, the division's general performance in revenue collection stood at 970,280,000 Ugandan shillings. During his tenure, Drakuma managed to raise an impressive 1,428,480,120 shillings in the 2023 fiscal year alone.The controversy surrounding Maliki Drakuma's transfer highlights the challenges and intricacies of local government administration in Uganda. It remains to be seen how this situation will unfold and whether the Ministry of Local Government will reconsider its decision in light of the division's concerns. As this story develops, it underscores the importance of transparency, accountability, and effective governance in local communities across the country.COPY OF THE LETTER FROM THE CENTRAL CITY COUNCILDownload FileDOC • 198KB

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