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Arua City Youth Demand Declaration of International Youth Day as a Public Holiday

In a resounding call for recognition and acknowledgment, the youth of Arua city in Uganda are demanding that the government officially declare International Youth Day a public holiday.Spearheaded by passionate youth counselor Hon. Simon Enaku and supported by various youth organizations, this demand highlights the significance of this special day, which serves to shed light on the challenges and aspirations of the younger generation. 

International Youth Day, celebrated annually on the 12th of August, has become an important occasion for the youth to come together and engage in activities that promote social and community development.

Hon. Simon Enaku Speaking to Dailywestnile.info Addressing journalists during the official launch of the International Youth Day Activities at the Arua City Mayor's Garden, Simon Enaku passionately emphasized the importance of the youth day being recognized as a public holiday. He argued that just like other national and international days, the government should acknowledge the significance of this day and grant the youth a well-deserved opportunity to celebrate and reflect on their role in society.CUE;SIMON ON YOUTH.mp3Hon. Gift Magezi, the youth council chairperson of Arua City, expressed dismay over some youth-led organizations that have not recognized their cause. This highlights the urgency of the youth's plea for unity and collective action in pushing for their demand to be acknowledged.Hon. Gift Magezi, the youth council chairperson of Arua CityCUE;MAGEZI ON YOUTH.mp3The organizing committee, led by Innocent Iguma, has been diligently preparing for the upcoming International Youth Day celebration in Arua City.CUE;IGUMA ON YOUTH.mp3

A series of activities have been planned, including community cleaning initiatives, a youth parliament, and community sanitization efforts. These activities are geared towards fostering community engagement and empowering the youth to take an active role in the betterment of their surroundings.

The grand celebration of International Youth Day in Arua City is set to take place at the Office of the Prime Minister ground in Arua Central Division. This central location will provide a suitable platform for the youth to come together, celebrate their achievements, and discuss their aspirations for the future.

Support from Partners:Christine Chandia, one of the partners supporting the day's celebration, expressed her agreement with the youth's demand for the day to be recognized as a public holiday. This support from stakeholders outside the youth community further validates the significance of Youth Day and the impact it can have on the younger generation.CHRISTNIE ON YOUTH.mp3The council speaker of Arua City, Teddy Yako, acknowledged the validity of the youth's demand, recognizing that the youth are the majority in the country. This acknowledgement provides hope for the youth that their voices are being heard and that their aspirations for the day to be declared a public holiday may be taken into consideration.CUE;YAKO ON YOUTH.mp3To ensure a successful celebration, the total budget allocated for this year's International Youth Day in Arua City is over 33 million. This investment reflects the government's commitment to supporting the youth and their initiatives.The fervent demand of Arua City's youth for the declaration of International Youth Day as a public holiday reflects their desire for recognition and acknowledgment of their role in society. With preparations in full swing and the support of partners and council members, the youth are determined to make this year's celebration a resounding success. As the government takes the youth's plea into consideration, it remains to be seen how this important day will be officially recognized, ultimately sending a powerful message of empowerment and support to the younger generation across Uganda.Key to NoteThe youth population of Arua City, Uganda, is estimated to be around 43,000 people, or about 61% of the total population. This is based on the recent census data, which showed that the population of Arua City was 70,933 people. Of these, 43,043 were people aged 15–34 years old.The youth population of Arua City is a rapidly growing demographic group. The population of Arua City is expected to grow to 100,000 people by 2030, and the youth population is expected to make up a significant portion of this growth.The youth population of Arua City faces a number of challenges, including high unemployment, poverty, and a lack of access to education and healthcare. However, there are also a number of opportunities for young people in Arua City, including the growing economy and the availability of government programs and services.The government of Uganda has implemented a number of programs to address the challenges facing the youth population of Arua City. These programs include the Youth Livelihood Programme (YLP), which provides training and financial assistance to young people, and the National Youth Policy, which outlines the government's goals for youth development.The future of Arua City is bright, and the youth population will play a key role in its development. With the right support, young people in Arua City can overcome the challenges they face and contribute to the growth and prosperity of their city.Understanding the youth population in Arua City is crucial for policymaking and societal development. Key points include defining youth as 15–24 years old, analyzing demographics, education, employment, skills, health, civic participation, technology access, challenges, aspirations, decision-making involvement, and supporting youth-led initiatives. Accurate data enables effective strategies to empower and uplift the youth, ensuring a prosperous and inclusive future for the city.

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